Whitesboro CSD

  • Location Whitesboro, NY
  • Cost $20,304,450
  • Completion 2023
  • Client Whitesboro Central School District

The 2020 Capital Project included improvements at each of the district’s eleven buildings but a feature element was the Middle School Auditorium.

The Middle School was constructed in 1936 and includes a sense of style and detail that was common at the time.  The acoustic plaster throughout the auditorium contained asbestos and time had taken its toll.  The floor was deteriorated and the sound and projection systems were past their prime.

The asbestos containing plaster was removed and new acoustic plaster was installed to maintain the rooms acoustic qualities and original appearance.  Additionally, several of the detail elements including plaster lanterns, medallions, and eagles were restored and the district's Block W was added to a previously blank space.  The control room was upgraded with new sound and projection capabilities and the house lighting controls were improved.  An analysis of the painted surfaces was performed in order to restore all surfaces to their original colors.  New seating, curtains, and flooring were included to complete the space.

Improvements in the lobby included restoration of the plaster while preserving the original light fixtures which featured stars and constellations.