New Hartford CSD

  • Location New Hartford, NY
  • Cost $12,650,000
  • Completion 2019
  • Client New Hartford Central School District

The Senior High School and the Bradley Elementary School share a common kitchen and cafeteria.  The kitchen was updated and the cafeteria expanded to create a new multi-use Dining Room with zones assigned to the different grade levels.  This new two-story space includes flexible furnishings to accommodate various activities as well as a Large-Group Instruction room.  Finishes were selected to minimize maintenance while attracting students who currently leave campus for lunch.

The Bradley Elementary School was constructed in 1934 and has never been accessible above the ground floor.  A new stairwell/elevator addition was constructed to provide access to the second and third floors.

New playscapes were constructed at each of the three Elementary Schools.  The new playscapes are ADA compliant and while not identical, provide an equivalent experience at each school.

New parking and circulation were included at the Perry Junior High School.  The new design separates bus traffic from the parent drop-off areas, reducing the potential for accidents.