Neubig Dining Hall

  • Location Cortland, NY
  • Cost $3,000,000
  • Completion 2009
  • Client SUNY Cortland

Upon entering the room, the eye is drawn to a massive circular serving area with stations for a variety of food items. At the center sits a large Mongolian grill, on which chefs prepare dishes to order from ingredients hand selected by the customer. The dining room also sports a large salad bar featuring a daily assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The project was broken into two phases and construction was completed during College breaks.

In Phase 1, the 6,800 SF Dining Room was renovated to include new finishes, furnishings, and food service equipment. A focal point of the design is the Mongolian Grill located in the center of the dining room. This station allows for the students to select their meal and have it cooked fresh right in front of them. A major design element was to lower the ceilings from their original height to reduce the volume of the space and create a more intimate setting. Several large screen TV monitors, a sound system and wireless internet access points are included in the space. 

The Phase 2 work included upgrades to the serving line, including new finishes to compliment the Dining Room and new food service equipment and millwork. The focal point of the serving line is the new International Grill which required the complicated removal of several bearing walls and revisions to the buildings structure. The 6,800 SF Dining Room. The project's goal was to create a dining environment for the students which reflect with their current lifestyle and attitudes.