West Carthage Elementary School

  • Location Carthage, NY
  • Cost $8,430,900
  • Completion 2001
  • Client Carthage Central School District

Featured in American School & University’s Architectural Portfolio

The West Carthage Elementary School was designed to support and reinforce the School District’s teaching philosophy and methods. Additionally, the structure establishes the third of three high quality schools for all District students in Grades K-5.

The Elementary School is organized in two major zones; i.e. a two-story academic area and a high volume activities area. The two zones are connected by the building’s main entrance and central administrative functions. The academic wing consists of 24 classrooms; i.e. 12 pair of interconnected rooms. Through the use of retractable partitions, areas can be separated or opened to accommodate varied sized groups. The focal point of the academic wing is a centralized library with a sweeping circular exterior wall.

The activities wing features the high energy spaces; i.e. gymnasium, cafeteria and music rooms. Since these facilities house the activities/performances that require community access at night and on weekends, this wing has a separate entry/lobby/milling space and can be isolated from the remainder of the building.

The primary school entrance is in the center of the plan and can be supervised from the main office. The lobby leading from the entrance to the administrative complex features ample space for the display of student work.