Spencer House (former Chi Psi Chapter House)

  • Location Clinton, NY
  • Cost $3,000,000
  • Completion 2002
  • Client Hamilton College

Chi Psi was built in 1909 with ordinary type 4b construction. Although not listed in the National Register, the building would be an eligible candidate. The facility has three principal floors with split levels at the on-grade story. Asbestos containing materials and lead paint were present in many locations. Toilet facilities were antiquated and inappropriate for use by individuals with physical challenges. Dead end corridors and the lack of an elevator compromised life safety and made vertical transportation inconvenient.

Every window in the building was removed and replaced with new energy efficient fenestration, many with leaded lites, original stained glass panels or simulated divided lites. Twenty-four different window types are present in the building. All of the plumbing, mechanical, electrical and special systems in the facility were outdated and although not required by the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, the College elected to provide a full sprinkler system as a part of the project.

Comprehensive renovations were begun in 2001 to convert Chi Psi for use by Administrative Services. This department is comprised of the Business Office, Contract Services, Personnel and Safety Departments. A portion of the building on the First Floor will be available for use by the greater College family for conferences and receptions.