Utica College Residence Hall and Conference Center

  • Location Utica, NY
  • Cost $5,600,000
  • Completion 2007
  • Client Utica College

The New Residence Hall and Conference Center, formally named “Sherwood Boehlert Hall and Conference Center” in October of 2007, was designed to meet three objectives:

  • Provide 150 beds in an innovative configuration.
  • Create a gateway for the western entrance.
  • Serve as a unifying element at the center of campus.

The residences are a mix of single and double bedrooms organized in six-person suites. Three students share one bathroom, and each suite has a common living room. The suites are clustered to create common “neighborhood” spaces. The building houses critically needed conference space and is situated near the center point of the campus. To unify the campus, a two-tiered plaza on the hall’s east side serves as both a congregating space for students/conference goers and a meeting point for the confluence of the many walkways that connect the residential quad to the academic sector. The project included the extension of the campus voice, video and data systems to every room.